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UFUMES Computational and Online Resources is a registered, Nigerian based provider of Computational and Online resource Services. We provide series of Online and Computational Services that targets Nigerian Scholars, Bioscientists, Professionals and Corporate Bodies. Most of our Online Resources are can be accessed freely from our web sites.

At UFUMES Computational and Online resources we pride ourselves in providing quality, satisfactory and recommendable online computational resources and services to our numerous online visitors and clients. We are in the habit of going extra miles to ensuring that the Online and computational needs of our visitors and clients are met by our Resources and Services.

We welcome you to our world! Below are some of our online resources and services. Feel free to use our contact details below if you wish to make further enquires on any of our services.


Customized and Bulk SMS Services >> www.CheapNigerianBulkSMS.com

Send Customized bulk sms to all Nigerian Networks at cheap pricesWith Cheap Nigerian BulkSMS.com, everyone can now affordably and cheaply send customized and personalized online text messages and bulk SMS to all GSM numbers from any of the mobile GSM operator networks in Nigeria and over 470 other networks around the world for as low as N2.6 per Text message. CheapNigerianBulkSMS.com uses one of the world's best and premium SMS gateway and provider : You can pay us directly in Naira, in our Finbank's and Afribank's account


UFUMES Scholars Online Educational Resources >> http://scholars.ufumes.com

Online educational resource center for Nigerian Scholars

At scholars.ufumes.com, we aim at providing every scholars and academicians with a comprehensive online educational resources. Ranges of resources we provide to scholars includes:

  • Online publications and monetization of scholarly works in the internet
  • Online Promotion and marketing of books by publishing the review of the book's content in the internet.
  • Nigerian Online Educational Forum.
  • Free access to lots of free online educational resources such as links to lots of free ebooks, listings of free ebook download centers, review of sites that hosts and links to interesting collections of free ebook etc
  • Direct assistance with literature acquisitions, statistical analysis of data, plotting of graphs, amongst other interesting online educational resources.
  • and lots more!


Phone Number Extractor Toolkit >> http://PhoneNumberExtractor.com

This free online web application allows you to extract phone numbers from other text files. It can intelligently extract, trim and arrange Nigerian GSM numbers in a format that can be readily exported into other mobile or online application. Other cool features of this free online phone extractor software includes:Sort phone Numbers, Remove duplicates from phone numbers, Split phone numbers into groups of specified lengths. Number Reformater, Download Extracted numbers, Extract Uploaded Files and Web crawler Features, Job emailing options, SMS Alert Notifier, Custom phone number separator options.

UFS Desktop BulkSMS and Extractor App >> www.DesktopBulkSMS.com

UFUMES Desktop SMS and Number Extractor App makes it highly convenient for you to send SMS to all your contacts . Its Embeded InteliCustomSMS Feature gives you the ability to personalize your SMS for each recipient and the contact management features allows you to import and synchronize your phone book contacts into the App. For your Bulk SMS marketing need, you can extract and generate gsm numbers with the software and you are just a click away from broadcasting text messages to extracted or generated phone numbers. We are sure you will love it! Download is FREE!!! Visit www.desktopbulksms.com for full details.


UFUMES Active Phone Number Screening & Verification Service
With our  automated GSM and Phone Number verification services, we can help you sort your contact's phone number or GSM database based on the active and inactive phone numbers. It helps you to create a 100% clean and active database.  Our automated dialer software dials each number and separates those ones that ring from those that are not available.  Visit http://phonenumberextractor.com/verifyactivenumbers.html for details about the service.






Advertisements, software developments, web site designing, and other computational services. Contact us with >> o8o 678 178 64 or admin at ufumes dot com

Contact us with >> o8o 678 178 64 or admin at ufumes dot com

Nigerian Master Jobs/Career Site >> www.ufumes.com/jobs

link to nigerian job opportunity

Get all the latest listings of Nigerian Hottest jobs openings, vacancies and employment opportunities in a page.We conduct hourly scan and searches through over 100 most consulted Nigerian jobs and recruitment web sites to keep you on top of all the current Nigerian job vacancies and employment opportunities. What ever be your dream jobs; bank jobs, teaching jobs, oil and gas jobs, engineering jobs, laboratory jobs, science jobs, marketing jobs, pharmaceutical jobs, ...Just name it; you are not more than a click away from getting it.


Online resources for Nigerian Bio scientist >> www.NigerianBioscientist.com

Free online resource portal for Nigerian Life Scientists

Nigerianbioscientist.com is an online resource center for all in life science related discipline. It is aimed at providing a freely accessible resources to all life scientist. It features a categorized collections of free bioscience resources , online community and interactive forum of life scientist , recent bioscience news and headlines, Nigerian Bioscience job opening, amidst a lot of other online resources and services.


Purchase and Download active Nigerian mobile phone and GSM number database list from all the 36 states of Nigeria.
Download PDF file for Details



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